Season 3 Episode 7

Trusting the Models

In this episode, Trusting the Models, we are joined by, Brian K. Smith, Associate Dean for Research and The Honorable David S. Nelson Chair at Boston College’s School of Education and Human Development, who shares his thoughts about artificial intelligence and it implications for teaching and learning.

Access a captioned version

Asking the right questions can help AI mean more by Brian K. Smith

In 1922, Thomas Edison said, “I believe that the motion picture is destined to revolutionize our educational system and that in a few years it will supplant largely, if not entirely, the use of textbooks. I should say that, on the average, we get about two percent efficiency out of school books as they are written today. The education of the future, as I see it, will be conducted through the medium of the motion picture where it should be possible to achieve 100 percent efficiency.”

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