Season 2 Episode 22

In this episode, Burying the Book, Anne and Steve are joined by, Melkana Brakalova-Trevithick, Professor of Mathematics at Fordham University, who shares her thoughts about the language of math and how to address the challenges of math instruction.

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Show Notes:

The anecdote from the episode about a mathematician burying a math textbook with frustration when he was a teenager  can be found in:

Mathematics: Frontiers and Perspectives: 2000  editors: V. Arnold, M. Atiah, P. Lax and B. Mazur, IMU, 1999

under the Chapter Mathematics as Profession and a Vocation by Yu. Manin, 153–159

For engaging videos about math concepts check out 3Blue1Brown

Numberphile is also great!

The Museum of Science on the Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio in Nature

Interview of Yuri Manin by David Eisenbud

Yuri I. Manin’s richly diverse body of work justifies the term “Universal Mathematician.” In an academic landscape defined by discrete specialties, this work, as mathematics, philosophy or commentary, defies compartmentalization. Throughout his career spent investigating disparate branches of mathematics and physics, searching for – or pointing to – uniting characteristics, he has earned a host of accolades and an audience extending beyond these disciplines.

Some papers about Equity, by Rochelle Gutierrez (UIUC) for example:

Context Matters: How should we conceptualize equity in mathematics education? published in Mathematics Education Library, volume 55, Equity and Discourse for Math Education.

Embracing the Inherent Tension in Teaching Mathematics from Equity Stance, Democracy & Education, vol 18, 3, 9–16

The first 6 books of Euclid’s Elements

The mathematician Oliver Byrne’s “The Elements of Euclid”, updating the ancient geometry text with colorful design language. 

Some books on deductive reasoning:

Richard Hammack, Book of Proof, published by R. Hammack, 

Daniel Velleman, How to Prove it, Cambridge University Press, 2019.

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