Season 2 Episode 20

In this episode, Hard Facts, Anne and Steve are joined by Stephen Holler, Chair & Associate Professor of the Department of Physics & Engineering Physics at Fordham University who shares his experiences bringing physics education to bear on issues affecting the local community.

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Fordham and Bronx Schools Collaborating on Air Quality Project

Through a new initiative called Project FRESH Air, Fordham is working with local middle and high schoolers to combat climate change and generate new air quality data in their communities. 

“We want to set up a network of air quality sensors around the city and map out the air quality—particularly in the Bronx—and help students become scientifically literate activists in their communities,” said Stephen Holler, Ph.D., chair and associate professor of Fordham’s physics and engineering physics department, who is co-leading the project with Usha Sankar, Ph.D., an advanced lecturer in biological sciences. “Through our project, we can start a dialogue about climate change and say, ‘Let’s do something to fix it together.’”

A webinar will be held on April 13th at 6:00 PM to discuss Project FRESH Air with the community and the participant schools. For the Zoom link and log in information, please email

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