Episode 9

Episode 9: Assessment and Accessibility

In this episode, Assessment and Accessibility, Anne and Steve are joined by Mary Byrnes the Director of the Office of Disability Services at Fordham University who shares her thoughts about the various issues instructors should consider when assessing students.

Access a captioned version of this episode on YouTube.

Show Notes

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Ariel Fishman discusses what disability teaches us about adaptation, innovation, and – most importantly – our sense of identity. Following a serious car accident in 2012, Ariel has served as a volunteer speaker for the New York Blood Center and Challenged Athletes Foundation and been credited with raising over 1,000 blood donations. He currently works at Fordham University, having previously worked as an administrator and faculty member at Yeshiva University.

One thought on “Episode 9

  1. Anne, Steve, Mary! Thank you all so much. The clarity of how to design a test, and how to think about, what is “compassion” in this crazy, unordinary time–when teachers and students have only been online full-time for a month–is illuminating!! I am finding this kind of support essential as I do my best to “be” in this experience *together with* my students.
    Also! Thanks for including the TedTalk w/Ariel Fishman. Along those lines, if you haven’t already read Mel Levine, M.D.’s: “The Myth of Laziness” and “A Mind at A Time,” as well as the paper by Robert White: “The Drive for Mastery,” these undergird, further illumine and magnify Prof.Fishman’s inspiring understandings!
    Best, Melanie


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