Episode 15

Episode 15: Leveling the Playing Field In this episode, Leveling the Playing Field, we are joined by Renaldo Alba, Associate Director of the STEP and CSTEP Programs at  Fordham University, who shares his thoughts about the importance of community in creating and sustaining more just, equitable and representative educational environments. Twice Over · Episode 15:Continue reading “Episode 15”

Episode 12

Episode 12: Protect Your Energy In this episode, Protect Your Energy, Anne and Steve are joined by Christiana Zenner, Associate Professor of Theology, Science and Ethics in the Department of Theology and affiliated faculty in Environmental Studies at Fordham University. Since January, she has been Associate Chair for Undergraduate education in Theology at Fordham CollegeContinue reading “Episode 12”

Episode 9

Episode 9: Assessment and Accessibility In this episode, Assessment and Accessibility, Anne and Steve are joined by Mary Byrnes the Director of the Office of Disability Services at Fordham University who shares her thoughts about the various issues instructors should consider when assessing students. Twice Over · Episode 9: Assessment and Accessibility Access a captioned versionContinue reading “Episode 9”