Season 2 Episode 9

Episode 9: Ideologies of Teaching In this episode, Ideologies of Teaching, Anne and Steve are joined by John Craven, Associate Professor of Science Education at Fordham University, who shares his thoughts about what we mean when we talk about teaching and how that meaning affects our instructional choices. Access a captioned version Rethinking Science FairsContinue reading “Season 2 Episode 9”

Season 2 Episode 4

Episode 4: More Human In this episode, More Human, we talk with Carey Kasten, Associate Professor of Spanish at Fordham University who shares her experiences teaching and parenting during the past pandemic year. Access a captioned version on YouTube Academic Caregivers on Organizational and Community Resilience in Academia (Fuck Individual Resilience) The Virus Moved FemaleContinue reading “Season 2 Episode 4”

Season 2 Episode 3

In this episode, Ungrading, Anne and Steve discuss Ungrading: Why Rating Students Undermines Learning (and What to Do Instead) edited by Susan Blum. Access a captioned version on YouTube From Google Books: The moment is right for critical reflection on what has been assumed to be a core part of schooling. In Ungrading, fifteen educatorsContinue reading “Season 2 Episode 3”